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Sporkage XX [Sep. 1st, 2008|11:51 pm]


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Offender's Name: Danielle Rawlings
Fandom: X-Men
Roleplay Style: Forum
Notable Traits: Possibly being a blonde brunette. Oh, and setting things (siblings) on fire.

Real Name: Danielle Rawlings

Character Name: Flame
Affiliation: new student

V: Whoo! I pledge my fealty to the New Student!

Age: 17

Height: 5ft 5

Weight: 9st

V: Whoo! Pass the – eh? Oh, right. BUNNIES!
J: … Where did you get those happy drugs you’re clearly on? And why aren’t you sharing?
V: Duh! Everyone KNOWS I take morphine shots before reading any Sueist work.

Hair Color(s): brunette

Eye Color(s): dark brown

J: It worries me that they have the option to have more than one eye colour.

General Appearance: flame is a preety girl


with long brunette hair

V: Her hair’s a brunette? …does that mean she’s actually a blonde but her hair has brunette tendencies?

and pirecing dark brown eyes, she is a slim build and she is a mid hight

V: Pleased to meetcha mid hight person, I’m a lil hight person.
J: Is mid hight code for moron?
V: At least it’s not code for midget. And on that note is pirecing a new adjective? I think she was trying to spell ‘pyre’ but got a little confused.

Known Relatives: she prefers not to say

V: Chances are THEY prefer not to say.

Powers: to create fire and do with it what she will. she is also immume to fire power being used against her.

V: Immume. Immume. Say that really fast ten times.
J: Immume immueme immume immuyem immuye immuye immuem immuyem iommue immuem.
V: See! It’s fun! Even without my drugs!

Strengths: her strengths are making friends, being in charge

V: She is large and in charge!

Weaknesses: her temper

Personality: flame has a firery personality which is where i think her powers came from

V: I know, it’s absolutely stunning.
J: A more intelligent Sue would have made her a redhead.
V: Maybe that’s why she left the (s) in the Hair Color section.

she loves to help people as much as the next person but one wrong move and you could see a total different side to her.

V: ‘Could.’ It’s not a constant thing, because like any good Sue she’s highly incapable of doing anything but what the social situation dictates.

History: flame was born on the 26th of october she didnt get to know her parents as they were killed when she was an infant and still to this day she wants to revenge her parents death, but genrally flame is easy to get on with and a nice person if you do not cross her flame was put into care as everyone around her wasnt here anymore there was no one to look after her so she had to move in with a foster family, this foster family treated flame beneth them and treasursed their own children over her, her "sister" used to tease flame all the time for the slightest little thing, flame grew more and more angary when it suddenly happened a burst of flames gathered round flame but it did not hurt her it did however burn her "sisters" tho she did not want to hurt them.

V: I challenge anyone to read that sentence in one go. Go on. I dare you.

Sample Post: when flame turned 16 she went to clear out some of the junk she took with her to her foster home as she was looking tho it her "sisters" started teasing her instead of withholding

V: Witholding. Holding Wit, it is a new talent born within only the most talented of Sues, and that’s saying something!

her rage it unleased out on them with a burst of flames, flame ran as fast as she could out of the building and just kept running she caught a glimpse of the mutant school on the news as she was running past a nearby electical store and from there it began..........

V: What do they teach children these days? Is punctuation and regular grammar just not on a list in Sue-school?
J: What universe are you from?


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From: meline22
2008-09-07 02:48 pm (UTC)
erm.....how many misspellings can there be?
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