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Sporkage VIII [Oct. 16th, 2006|01:05 am]



Offender's Name: Angie Rarang
Fandom: X-Men
Roleplay-style: Forum
Notable Characteristics: Able to doublethink, can rape a dictionary at twenty paces.

Name: Angie Rarang

V: RAR!!!!!

Nickname: Nightray

V: A manta ray that swims in the night!

Faction: The Academy

Physical Appearance: Angie is a tall Asian girl, with long flowing hair up to her waist. She has peircing grey eyes,

V: Warning: All personnel must wear protective gear before venturing into the company of above-named subject. Subject may unwittingly cause stab wounds with eyes.
J: Spork-goggles: check.
V: Spork-helmet: check.

and a slim, and slender body. She only weighs about 100 pounds, due to the fact she only eats once in a day. Angie thinks eating is un necessary in life, and if a human can supposidly stay a week without food, so can she..

J: Did she just say that anorexia is preferable to regular meals?
V: Pretty much.

Her hieght is about 5'5'', not that tall, but still not too short.

V: Didn’t she describe her as ‘tall’ and ‘Asian’ a little while ago?
J: She did call herself tall.
V: But is 5’5’’ tall?
J: You can’t expect Sues to stick with what they already said. That would indicate consistency.

Angie usually wears her usuall style, street.

V: I know that brand name. I don’t like it.
J: Are you sure it’s a brand and not just hobo chic?
V: Hmmm….that’s an interesting question. Maybe that’s why I don’t like it.
J: Or is it… Derelicte!

She despises skirts, and dresses, and would rather die than wear one.

V: How to kill Nightray: stick her in a dress.
J: That would work. I don’t think manta rays can survive outside the water.
V: Or wearing dresses for that matter.
J: Fish gotta swim…

She normally wears black, and anything leather, or expensive.

V: Which is of course perfectly in line with her ‘usuall style, street’.

Not like she has the mony for it, Angie would rather jack someone elses. Angie has her tongue peirced,

V: She used her eyes to pierce her tongue.
J: Did someone ask her to watch her tongue?
V: Probably.

shich she usually clicks

V: - like a ballpoint pen -

when she is nervous, or mad..
Personality: Angie is a hardcore Byatch.

V: Ooookay. ‘nuff said.

She would kill people if she had too, and she did.

V: Repetition!!!!!
J: *edges away from the exclamation marks of rage*
V: Actually they’re repeated exclamation marks of rage.
J: That doesn’t make them better.

People were scared of her, maybe because of how she always gave people her peircing stare,

V: It kills people!

or possibly when she ever threatend them,

V: No really! Her piercing eyes kill!

and tied someone up for hostage..

V: Because obviously this is less bad than actually killing someone and thus must be mentioned last.

Angie HATES preps, or sluts who wear their mini skirts, and strapless belly showing tops.

V: For someone who –hates- them she seems to spend a lot of time classifying them by what they wear.

They always annoyed her..

Angie is always seen with a bad attitude,

V: It follows her around like a puppy.
J: What do you think she calls it?

always crossing her arms, or snearing at some blonde. She has a temper, and wants what she wants,

V: *puzzled* Well, why would she want it if she didn’t want it?
J: I always want things I don’t want, that way I’m not disappointed when I don’t get them.

whatever it is, she would risk her life doing it, no matter what,

V: (as Angie) “I want a chocolate bar! There is one at the other side of this ocean! I shall swim across this ocean to get it because I want that chocolate bar!”

even if it includes killing.

J: So *that’s* what she’d do for a Klondike bar.

There would never be a day when someone sees Angie smilling.

V: But not smiling so it’s all good.
J: ‘Smilling’? So she’s a miller?

She also, LOVES to dance.

V: So she HATES dresses, but she LOVES to dance. Got it.
J: Well, dresses prove a problem when dancing, I’ve heard.

History: When Angie was just a little girl, she had a happy life.

V: My, my, I wonder where this is going.
J: Maybe there’s going to be angst.

Living with her mother, and Father. She had a rich familly, living in a good Community.. Until one day it all turned around.

V: - Good Life turned around and said, “Hey, you can run your own show from now on, ‘cos hey! Guess what! I’m outta here! Gonna get me a car and spend some of my own money for a change! Adios!”

Angie's house burnt down into ashes, nothing but gravel, and dirt was left.

V: Wow, that must’ve been one helluva fire.
J: Yes, usually there’s charred wood or a chimney or something left.

Her parents were shot by two men,

V: Who randomly made an appearance because they wanted to shoot her parents.
J: There was a mix up with the dates. The men were supposed to turn up *before* Angie was born.

and are now still burried under the ground.

Z: They were dead and they’re still dead? That’s a fascinating update on their condition.
J: Aww… I wanted zombie!parents.
V: I don’t think Angie’s into high maintenance though…and zombie parents take a lot of maintenance; all those bits keep falling off and stuff. You know.
J: And the cannibalism thing.
V: Not to mention the stench. You’d have to use a really good air-freshener every day, twice if you were planning on entertaining non-zombie!guests.

She had never seen her parents from that day,

Z: Does she really have a need to see her dead, rotting parents?
V: I think she was just too lazy to dig them up again.

and knew it was her fault. Her parents owed money, to a drug Dealer, they refused to pay, said that her familly wasn't that rich. The dealer threatend to kill Angie, but they refused, and offered their lives instead.

V: So…basically they didn’t want to give up their money but they were ready to die instead? Nice parents.

Then, when all Angie thought life couldn't get worse, the two men grabbed her, and locked her up in a metal room,

V: That just came into being right now because she needed to be locked up.
(as Angie) My parents are dead and my house is destroyed but they put me in a metal room, and *now* I’m depressed.
V: You know, I’m starting to get the feeling that she meant –mental- room.
J: With padded walls and happy drugs?
V: And all year happy hour.

with no windows, or any place to escape. She found out that she was taken up hostage.

V: Can you be taken down hostage too?
J: Yes. That’s when the cop shoots you.

The two men came in only sometimes, giving her only peices of bread, or left over rib bones. She had been beaten, molested, and whatever that hurts.

Z: She actually got so bored with her own bio that she gave up thinking of more angst? It’s a Choose-Your-Own-Angst Sue!
J: They must have read her own fanfic at her.
V: Oh the agony!
J: It’ll physically violate you.

They cut her hair, and cut her arms, and body so much, there still is the visible stains of blood on the walls.

V: But no scars on her body. Sues don’t get scarred unless they get to talk about them later.
J: And those ones they usually inflict themselves.
V: Don’t those automatically fall under the latter category?
J: Yes.
(as Sue) I’m so depressed I need to feel pain, *and* it will get me attention! Because pity is just as good as anything else.

Finally, after 3 months, of beatings, and bruises, she was finally found, by some police who burned down the mens house.

V: Wow, lots of house burning. There must be an arson issue in this neighbourhood.
J: It’s standard police operating procedure. When in doubt, set fire to a house.

The men took her outside, with a nife against her throught, demanding thousands of Dollars, threatening to kill her. The poice gave them the money, and let Angie go.

J: Worst. Cops. Ever.
V: I’m still waiting on what the police are gonna do. The poice don’t seem to be updated with procedure.
J: Well, no. They *should* have set fire to another house.

Angie couldn't let them get away, and grabbed a broken shard of glass from the window, feeling her hands start to fire up.

J: Yes, that will happen if you grab a *piece of broken glass*!
V: It’s called searing pain.

Angie noticed the sky turning black, and immediatly ran up quickly,

J: I usually run quite slowly when I’m chasing murderers.
V: That’s because you usually don’t want to have to bother with making the actual arrests.
J: I know. As long as I *appear* to have tried, it’s just as good.

stabbing them twice, until they died, and felt the terror, and pain as she did.

After that time, she ran away, away from the truth.

V: And lo! The angst doth rear its head!
J: Run away! Far away!

She lived in a city far away, sleeping at other peoples houses secretely, knowing they wouldn't find her.

V: Because she said they couldn’t, so obviously they couldn’t.
J: She secreted while sleeping at other people’s houses? Ewwwww.

She stayed out in the streets, and taught herself how to use Capoeira, and mastered how to use a Sai.

V: Did I miss something or did she explain what these tricky words meant somewhere? I’m assuming martial arts. I could be wrong. Her fault.
J: No, there was no explaining. Capoeira is the original dance-battle.
V: And Sai? Sounds like some sort of stew…
J: It’s what Raphael used on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I think she’s trying to be like Elektra from Marvel rather than an over-evolved cephalopod.

Along her time, she met a rich man, who told her to do something, kill people, and she would earn money. Since that day, she lived as an assason,

V: Spelling murder!
J: M-u-r-d-e-r.
V: Full points to J for the correct answer!
J: Go me.

with Un-normall powers controlling fire.

V: And another word bites the dust.
J: This whole thing is ‘un-normal’.

Angie killed many people, for money, for her anger, and sometimes to just see if someone is better than her at something.

V: So she’s a murderess and not an assassin. Got it.
(as Angie) Are you better at dying than me? Let’s see!
V: *hands over the gun* Don’t forget to load it.

She then got intruduced by an academy.. for mutants.

J: Who is it introducing her to?
V: More angst is my guess.

She refused at first, but then realized, it would be easier to be with people with the same 'problems' as her..

J: No one has the same ‘problems’ as her. They all possess some semblance of intellect.

Power: Angie can controll, and make darkness. She hardley ever usues the powers, unless she is extremely angry, and needs to give payback to someone.

J: (as Angie) Oh, right. I owed you that money. Would you like it… in darkness?!

Whenever she does use her power, it always ends up with a giant explosion, or a burning hot inferno. She would rather use her Sai, and Capoeira skills, which she is most better at..

V: The spelling murder continues.
J: I’m betting the player is about 13.
V: I’d say 12.
J: Well, physically. Mentally, I think they’re stretching it at 6.

Pets: Pet Squirrel, named Sia-San

V: A. Pet. Squirrel. If there was any doubt that she wasn’t ‘special’ this certainly adds the cherry to the cake.
J: A rabid squirrel would explain a lot.
V: Rabidness is catching.
J: It’s made her go crazy. If she starts frothing at the mouth, put her down.

Likes & Dislikes:
Likes: To prove that she is the best
Dislikes: Losing, which she always would refuse didn't happen
Other: Angies name is not really Angie Rarang, but is originally Mizuku Himaroku.

V: Of –course- it is.
J: You can’t be a ninja assassin girl without a Japanese name.

Sample RPG: Angie walked through the city, letting her Sai stay locked in her two pockets.

J: She has lockable pockets!
V: I need to get me some of those.
J: I have lockable pockets. I keep keys in them.

Her eyes were dark beneith the sun.

J: When they were above the sun, they turned light.

No, today she wasn't mad at anything or something. but every day, there was always something that bugged her. Like then, it was bright, and happy.. happy, something she despised. Her grey eyes eyed passerbys,

J: And here I was worried the eyes were going to start fingering them.

giving them a stare that read, 'I will kill you'.

J: The stare reads? Were the ‘Passerbys’ holding up signs?

Her hands touched the pairs of Sai, as if something was just going to come out and try to attack her. It was all silent for a bit, and she suddenly stoped. People around her, seemed to just disapear, and she looked over her shoulder. A man jumped from a celing,

J: I think that’s a type of horse.

holding a sword firmly in two hands. Angie couldn't help but laugh at the reason he was masked. "Ha, Ninja arn't you?" She said, smirking, Ninjas were such a load of crap.

Z: As opposed to this wonderful prose.

"Then come, and take your best shot." The air around her began to feel cold, and the sky turned dark black, with a hint of red clouds.

Z: Is the sky crying? Is it crying blood?
V: If –it- isn’t I certainly am… someone pass the tissues please.


[User Picture]From: minilovely
2006-10-15 04:34 pm (UTC)
On a random note, I actually know someone with a pet squirrel. This application gives me a new appreciation for her.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: roadkilledkat
2006-10-23 04:33 am (UTC)
MY EYES MY EYES *whimpers and bys stock in Tissues*
(Reply) (Thread)
From: zoulvisia
2006-10-26 06:51 pm (UTC)
Name: Angie Rarang

"So impressed was I with this motion picture treatment of the Risorgimento that I went along to Somerset House and changed me own name to Leopard, preferring it to me original handle, 'Panther'. Rawwwr."

... sorry. Nonsensical, unfunny humour is my way of coping with the brainbreak.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: talumin
2006-11-04 07:34 am (UTC)
Clearly, it is our method too.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: veiled_silver
2006-11-04 07:32 am (UTC)
We all live and learn...some just take a longer time than others...
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